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  • Innovation:  This category recognises new or novel approaches to identifying, managing and mitigating risk, including utilising advancements in technology.

  • Resilient Care:  This category recognises developing organisational robustness to protect the health, security and safety of people working in challenging, extreme or remote environments.

  • Communications: This category recognises effective communications campaigns or programmes that mitigate travel, health or security risk to mobile workers. 

  • Partnership: This category recognises the power of collaboration and partnership to mitigate risks to mobile workers. For example, this relationship could be between a commercial organisation and an institution. 

  • Thought Leadership: This category recognises the best survey, research or analysis to better understand or mitigate risks linked to working abroad. 

  • Remote Healthcare: This category recognises healthcare initiatives that prevent or reduce accidents, illness and injuries and achieves good clinical outcomes in challenging or remote locations.

  • Return on Investment for Travel Risk Mitigation: This category recognises cost-effective programmes that mitigate risk to people travelling or working abroad. Programmes should demonstrate a return on investment for travel risk mitigation. For example, this programme contributed to a decrease in insurance claims, or enabled a business to operate in a challenging location. 

  • Ambassador for Duty of Care: This category recognises an individual who has made a significant impact in protecting people travelling and working abroad.

  • German Mittelstand- Duty of Care Programme: This category recognises German Mittelstand organisations as well as those with up to 5,000 employees who best demonstrate creating a culture of Duty of Care (Fürsorge) for their people travelling or working abroad. It shows how Mittelstand businesses promote and implement a Duty of Care agenda, pragmatically despite limited resources. Entries should describe holistic programmes and include how risk assessment (Gefährdungsbeurteilung) leads to risk mitigation.


1. You may include up to two supporting documents up to 10 MB in total to support your     entry. Video clips and photographs are permitted.

2. Email these along with your entry form to info@internationalsosfoundation.org.

Awards Timeline

Monday, December 5: Entries open
Monday, March 17:  Entries close
Monday, April 10: Shortlist announced
Thursday, June 29:  Winners announced at our gala dinner in Germany